Consulting & Migration Planning

Finding the right provider –
and the right fit

While most businesses don’t require a lot of convincing when it comes to the cost-savings and efficiencies of the cloud, it’s still critical that you connect with the right provider to get exactly what you need and that you feel confident in their ability to deliver. That’s where the NUBiiS provider network makes the difference.

Representing some of the leading cloud providers, these partners represent a diverse range of facilities, capabilities and expertise. NUBiiS helps align availability and uptime with your SLA requirements.

Whether you need a single server, cabinet, cage, dedicated suite, or a build-to-suit data center, NUBiiS has you covered.  NUBiiS partner offerings range from basic real estate plays delivering you secure space, power, connectivity, and complete control of your gear to fully managed services and support that ease the burden on your IT team, and allow internal resources to be focused on innovation instead of maintenance. 

At NUBiiS, we understand regional market rates and can negotiate the best terms and service level agreements for your contracts because this is what we do every day.  Most importantly, NUBiiS helps you compare and contrast options that meet your unique needs, saving you the most valuable commodity of all....time. 

Regardless of the size or scope of your deployment, NUBiiS cloud partners apply a proven consulting and migration methodology to ensure a smooth transition.